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Enterprise Enabler Version 8.8 Update Released
Posted by Stone Bond Support on 16 September 2016 09:09 AM


Release Notes for Enterprise Enabler version 8.8:

Original Release Date: 9/16/2016 

  1. New and Improved Look and Feel
    1. Modern UI with easier to read Fonts, Colors, Icons and Menus
    2. Better Icons in Object Explorer and Mapping Screens
    3. Improved Verbiage and Naming Consistency
  2. EMS Improvements
    1. Added ability to pass parameters from EMS end points to sources
    2. Ability to manage indexes
    3. Improved Caching
  3. Improved Preview Capabilities.
    1. Added ability to start and stop previews in Aiis and Templates
    2. Added ability to view partial data results
  4. Improved TFS AppComm: Added Query mode capability
  5. Improved SalesForce AppComm
    1. Added Query mode capability
    2. UI consistent with other database AppComms
  6. Performance Improvements
    1. Improved JSON AppComm performance for large files
  7. Minor Bug fixes
    1. Fixed Security and Privileges for multi-user access
    2. Fixed Shard AppComm returning inconsistent number of rows
    3. Fixed EMS Cache failing on query mode source templates

Download link: version ( - Updated 5/4/2017


The Stone Bond Development Team 

Stone Bond Technologies, L.P


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