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Enterprise Enabler 8.3 Release
Posted by Adnan Ahmad on 18 July 2014 03:48 PM

Enterprise Enabler Release 8.3 

Released Date: 7/21/2014

Released Version Build Number:

Download Link:

Release Notes:

1.      UI Improvements:

2.      Enable Drag and Drop from Object Tree when Creating an AII (mapping)

3.      Fixed duplicate Tabs for Connection Manager

4.      Created Connection Dialog for SAP AppComm

5.      Code Editor improvements and consistency upgrade

6.      Clean up Menu Items

7.      Improve Error Messages and Warnings

8.      JSON AppComm Enabled for Reading JSON URLs and Files

9.      ODATA Metadata enabled for discovery and fixed Primary Key issues

10.  Improved Logging and use of Log4Net

11.  Enabled HTTPS for all EE Server operations

12.  Upgraded Oracle AppComm to use Oracle Managed client

13.  EMS server upgraded to align with latest tools. Installs as part of the Typical install now

14.  New ODBC/JDBC client released

15.  New EE Installer for smooth and easy installation.

16.  Added Windows Integrated Authentication support

17.  Added Support for running EE Services as a User

18.  SharePoint EMS bug fixes

19.  Over 40 general bug fixes for improved product stability


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